Smart Pension Connect member webinar

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What our experts spoke about

In the latest webinar, our experts spoke about helping your team get the most from their savings, including how we’re managing and investing their pension savings and tips and tricks on getting one step closer to their retirement goals.

Sustainable investing

How pensions can be powerful, by helping with issues such as fighting climate change, restricting weapons and investment in life-saving vaccinations.

Financial wellbeing

Why taking control of their finances today, with simple things like budgeting, can help members reach their financial goals in the future.

The Smart Pension account

How your employees can make the most of their account and create better retirement outcomes.


Half star

Smart Pension handles a transfer to a different provider with ease and professional attitude (2021)

The transition from another pension provider to Smart Pension has been seamless and my staff now get access to a huge range of extras that you just don't get with our previous provider. (2021)