My Pocket Skill

Digitally-skilled teens ready to support your business

This year and last year have been particularly tough on small businesses. Many have reduced their workforce, while working extra hard to keep their business afloat – making their digital presence increasingly important. Having dedicated help in this specialist area could make a huge difference, so we have partnered with an award-winning education technology provider to offer a special promotion to corporate members.

MyPocketSkill runs a successful ‘Digital Teens’ programme that matches businesses with capable young people to offer a range of digital tasks, including:

  • user research and testing
  • social media management
  • digital marketing and data analysis
  • blog writing on specialist subjects
  • graphic design

MyPocketSkill is a member of University College London's EDUCATE programme, and is committed to encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to use their skills to help UK businesses. It’s free to sign up, just follow the link.

MyPocketSkill: digitally-skilled teens ready to support your business

MyPocketSkill connects companies needing additional resources with capable young people who offer a range of digital business skills.