Welcome to your ISS UK Pension Plan

This page gives you all the information you need to help you get started with your Smart Pension account

Your online Smart Pension account

When you joined us in November 2021, we gave you sign in details for a new Smart Pension account, which is packed full of features. If you can’t find these details, please contact us.

One you've set up your Smart Pension account, you can:

  • see real-time updates to your pension value
  • download the Smart Pension app
  • change how your pension savings are invested, including sustainable options
  • update your contact details and selected retirement age
  • add your beneficiaries
  • access Smart Rewards, giving you free, unlimited access to over 1,200 discounts at major retailers across the UK – you could save over £600 a year

About your pension

We know pensions can be complicated. That’s why we’ve created a number of resources to help you better understand your pension savings.

1. Signing into your account for the first time

3. Managing your investments
2. Updating your details

4. Your simplified pension statement

(You’ll receive one of these every year)

Your investment options

We have a wide range of investment options for you to choose from, including both investment strategies and self select funds.

Bring your pension savings together

If you’ve had several different jobs, you may have savings with several different pension providers. It could be easier to bring them all together – so you can manage all of your pension savings in one place.

This means you can have all of your pension savings in one place and reduce the amount of paperwork involved, while also giving you a better idea of what your retirement may look like.

You should read our transfer guide before deciding to transfer your pension savings over to us.

Start bringing your pension savings together