Your 2021 Smart Pension snapshot

Keeping you up to date with all the good things

We want you to get the most out of your Smart Pension. That's why we've created this short summary to keep you up to date with all the good things that are happening.

Lots of us don't know the impact our pension savings have on the world

Our sustainability explainer helps our members understand how the decisions they make with their pension savings may impact the wider world.

Did you know?

71% of our investments are invested in ESG funds*

99% of you are using our default investment strategy

We look after more than £2 billion of your pension savings

*Moderate growth risk fund

What to expect from us in 2022

We're investing your pension savings in things that really make a difference to everyone's lives, such as:

providing opportunities for low income families

providing clean energy and being less reliant on fossil fuels

giving natural habitats a chance to thrive

We're also committing to be a net zero pension provider well before 2050, unlike some pension providers.

We helped you find lost pension pots

We recently launched our National Pension Tracing campaign with an interactive animation to help people find lost pension pots. If you’ve lost track of pension savings from previous jobs, you can find them using our pension tracing tool.  

You could save money by moving to Smart Pension

There are many benefits of having your pension savings in one place:

  • keeping your pension savings together can make them easier to manage
  • doing so may save you money
  • we offer a variety of different investment options that may better suit your needs

For more information about transferring your pension savings, please read our transfer guide, or visit our webpage on transferring your pensions.

Did you know?

£19,000,000 was transferred over using our pension transfer tool

£19.4 billion in lost pensions remains unclaimed*

We listened to your views

We hosted a webinar to get your views about all things that matter to you. We talked about how your pension savings can change the world we live in. Watch the video to find out more.

We’ve continued to ditch the jargon and introduced ‘pension basic’ videos

We know pensions can be a bit daunting. That’s why we’ve created a number of ‘pension basic’ videos to help you better understand saving for retirement.

How compound interest works
How much should I save into a pension?

Did you know?

£33,600 a year is a comfortable level of income for retirement

20% of your contribution is given back to you by the government*

* This is based on a basic rate tax payer

We delivered your simplified annual pension statement

We want to make it easier for you to understand your pension savings, so we've designed your annual pension statement with you in mind.

You can find your latest statement by signing in to your Smart Pension account.

Did you know?

Over 500,000 annual pension statements were delivered to members in 2021

The average pension savings for people aged between 35 - 44 is £30,600*

We worked hard and will continue to work to protect your pension savings

We’d like to hear your views about our first Smart Pension Connect member webinar.

  • The trustees (who look after your pension savings) are always looking for ways to make sure that your money remains safe and secure.
  • Visit our How to be scam smart page and find out how you can avoid falling victim to a pension scam by learning how to spot them.
  • You can also find more information on how to protect yourself from scams through The Pensions Regulator’s website.

We offer excellent value for money

Our trustees continually review our scheme to ensure that it provides the best possible value for money. You can find our value for money assessment within our Chair’s Statement.

A new way to contact Smart Pension

We've designed a new interactive form that makes it easier for you to get in touch.

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Half star

Smart Pension handles a transfer to a different provider with ease and professional attitude (2021)

The transition from another pension provider to Smart Pension has been seamless and my staff now get access to a huge range of extras that you just don't get with our previous provider. (2021)