Give every employee access to their very own financial coach

Help your employees build a better relationship with their finances by giving them access to their very own financial coach

Octopus MoneyCoach

We’ve partnered with Octopus MoneyCoach because we believe that it’s important for people to feel comfortable with every area of financial wellbeing, not just their pension savings. That’s why we are offering financial coaching to employees from a select group of companies who have their workplace pension with Smart Pension.

Why choose Octopus MoneyCoach?

A great benefit for your employees: Octopus MoneyCoach combines friendly financial coaches with powerful financial planning technology to give every employee their own coach and one to one financial planning support.

Great for your company: A comprehensive financial wellbeing programme can help by putting employees in control of their finances. Promoting a culture of wellbeing in the workplace can help improve employee productivity, attract new talent into your organisation and retain the employees you have. An employee who feels looked after and appreciated is more likely to do more.