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Welcome to the Smart Pension Master Trust
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The Smart Pension Master Trust

The trustee of Welplan Pensions has chosen us as the default scheme for receiving your employees’ pension savings and future contributions. The scheme is authorised and supervised by The Pensions Regulator and overseen by an independent trustee board. The scheme benefits from Smart Pension’s commitment to technology, strong governance and customer service which will provide you and your employees with a simple journey both before and after retirement. If you need to read any communications from Welplan again click here.

Setting up your employer account

We completed the set up of all employer accounts in May 2020. If you have not received an email with details on how to set up your employer account please email welplanenquiries@smartpension.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help you with this.

Uploading contributions

For information on how to upload your contributions, please take a look at the step by step video or guide at the bottom of this page. If you are still unsure please contact your payroll provider.

Once you have uploaded your contributions, please click on the view contributions to check the amount matches your payroll. If you are happy then please click ‘pay now’ to confirm the Direct Debit.

EPSR Number

You may require an EPSR number to set up your payroll with Smart Pension or for your re-enrolment declaration. To find this please go to Menu then select Company Details, and click on the Company Details tile – the number can be found at the bottom of this page.

How will employees be notified of their new scheme?

After you upload your employees to your Smart Pension account, they will receive an automated welcome email which will allow them to set up their new online account. After their first contribution file is uploaded they will become an active member of the scheme and receive an enrolment letter. Please note that if you have not provided us with an email address you will need to print the member letters from your employer account and post them.

What happens next?

As we prepare to move employees’ current pension savings from Welplan Pensions across to us, we need to make sure that they make no changes to their investment choices or retirement age. During this time, there will be some things that they can and can’t do in their account, and some tasks that we can’t process until the transfer is complete.

Please note that these dates are approximate. The transfer may take a few weeks to appear in their account so please don’t panic. We’ll let them know once the transfer is complete.

Contact us

If you have any questions please email welplanenquiries@smartpension.co.uk

If you are an adviser please email adviser@smartpension.co.uk.