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What is Smart Pension?

Smart Pension is a UK-based pension provider. An employer signed you up for an account. According to our records you have never signed in before.

How do I know this site is authentic?

You can check that this site is provided by Smart Pension by looking at the address bar in your web browser. It will show the domain “”.

Why do I need to sign in?

Signing in will let you find out much money is in your pension account. You can also move money to or from other pensions, change how much you pay in, manage your investments, and more.

Why did you send me a text message?

Your employer did not provide us with your email address when they created your account. They only gave us your mobile phone number. You can improve the security of your account by completing the sign in process with our Customer Services team.

I don’t think I have an account with Smart Pension, how can I check?

It is possible that your employer created an account for you without you realising. It might have been your current employer, or a previous employer from some time ago. You can find out if you have an account with us by contacting our Customer Services team.

Was this message meant for me?

There is a small chance that we sent you a message intended for someone else. Although it doesn't happen very often, it is possible you may have a mobile phone number that previously belonged to someone else.

Alternatively, it is possible that an employer provided us with an incorrect phone number for one of their employees. The best way to check if you have an account with Smart Pension is to contact us using the details above.