User Research at Smart Pension

At Smart, we are committed to learning as much as we can about our users’ needs. Doing so enables us to improve the service we currently offer and develop new services, both to meet the needs of our existing users and to encourage new members to join us.

Geschftsmann im Bro bei der Arbeit

Our research takes many forms, such as:

  1. We ask people to help us test our ideas in the form of short survey-type activities. Sometimes we make a small payment to people who take part, and we sometimes offer prizes to participants picked at random. We always try to be as clear about any rewards as we can before people take part.

  2. We hold longer and more in-depth conversations with both business customers and scheme members. These are hosted either in person at our London offices or through a video conference tool called Occasionally, we might ask to visit business customers at their own premises so that we can learn more about how Smart Pension fits in with their daily business practices.

  3. We regularly speak to members of the public in ‘open’ public areas, such as cafes in the Paddington area, to test out very early ideas or to check that the wordings of particular things are correct and easily-understood. We call this ‘Pop-Up Research’.
Hiring staff
If you notice any of these opportunities or events being advertised on the Smart Pension portal then you can be confident that they are genuine and that one or more participants will receive the incentives that are on offer.

Research conversations are usually held with one of our researchers, usually Peter Yeomans or Luke Howells. You can find more professional information about them by clicking on the links to their LinkediIn profiles.

Recent research opportunities have included:

November 2018

  • Quantitative Navigation Research – 200 customers each received a £5 Amazon voucher
  • Qualitative Navigation Research – 6 customers participated in a 30-minute video call and received a £30 Amazon voucher
  • Survey about Terminology – One survey respondent, picked at random, received a £200 M&S voucher

We carry out user research with 100s of users per month to improve the experience for all members, employers and advisers. We will continue to do user research to obtain a better understanding of users’ journeys to deliver a more meaningful experience.