Everything you need to know about a MoneyCoach

As a Smart Pension Member you get a free session with Octopus MoneyCoach

What is Money coach?

A coach will show you how to make the most of your money and help you reach your financial goals more quickly. There are lots of great money apps available to set you on the right path, but nothing beats a conversation with a human who can provide you with a personalised financial plan.

What’s the catch – is it really free?

Yes, the first 30 minute session really is free, and you’re welcome to invite your partner to the call, too.

What can I expect during my free sessions?

This is a discovery session, either on the phone or in a virtual meeting. It’s a 30-minute discussion of your life goals and your financial situation, and an opportunity for you to discuss any generic questions you have about money and savings.

Do I need lots of money to talk to a coach?

No – think of a coach like a personal trainer for your finances. A personal trainer is there to help you get financially fit and healthy, not just talk to you when you are wealthy.

What happens after the free session?

At the end of the free session, the MoneyCoach will discuss the cost of building you a financial plan. It’s at this point you can decline or accept, or maybe even go away and think about it.  

What’s the cost?

If you agree to a MoneyCoach building you a financial plan there will be a cost of £269. Even better, if you have included your partner in the call then the £269 covers the cost of a joint plan.

The MoneyCoach will only start building your plan when they have received your signed agreement.  

It’s worth checking in with your employer to see if they have an agreement in place with Octopus MoneyCoach as this can potentially reduce the cost to you personally.

I have lots of debt – should I be talking to a MoneyCoach?

If your debts are out of control and causing you lots of stress, we would recommend that you visit our wellbeing support page and cost of living pages. On these, you will find organisations that can help you through this difficult time plus tools to help you budget and prioritise your debts.

What’s the difference between a financial adviser and a MoneyCoach?

Coaches will use their technology to help you build a plan which is personalised and based on your goals – this is referred to as coaching. Coaching is inclusive, which means you don’t need to have lots of money to talk to a coach. The only requirement is a desire to get financially fit. Coaching is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Coaches will never recommend a specific investment, pension, mortgage or insurance product. Any such recommendation is classed as advice and is regulated by the FCA.

If you need advice, a MoneyCoach will point you in the right direction or you can locate an adviser on the Moneyhelper website below.

Find a financial adviser.

Why has a pension provider partnered with Octopus MoneyCoach?

Your financial future is important to us. By helping you take control of your finances now, we can help you build a sustainable and secure financial future.

We understand that right now is a challenging time for everyone, so saving for your future might not be an immediate priority. However, what if a MoneyCoach could help you with the here and now without compromising your future financial goals?

A MoneyCoach is a great first step to engaging with your finances, with a coach by your side to guide you through the unknown.

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The information, money-saving tips, tools and techniques provided are for guidance purposes only and do not constitute financial advice. Where we provide links to third-party websites we are not responsible for their content. It is therefore important you carry out your own independent research.

If you need financial advice you can locate an adviser on the MoneyHelper website below.

Find an adviser.