Helping you to deliver a member-focussed pension platform to your clients, that's easy to set-up and run

Smart solutions for clients and their employees

As a fintech company, our technology provides your clients with a pension scheme that helps their employees to save for the future.

Mobile apps, supportive financial well-being communications, Smart Rewards and more.

A pension platform that’s easy to recommend

For accountants, bookkeepers, payroll bureaus and payroll software providers, HR, and IFAs... the Smart Pension platform makes it easy to delegate access, manage contributions and report on auto enrolment performance and employee engagement.

With a track record of innovation that delivers value, plus all the systems and governance you need, Smart Pension gives you the confidence to deploy this pension platform in companies of all sizes looking for an auto enrolment solution – from five to 5,000 employees or more.

Our reputation lets you recommend Smart’s governance and compliant systems with confidence

Member support is a priority with well-managed funds offering great choice

Our software streamlines the payroll function and takes care of all auto enrolment duties

Smart Rewards

Over 1,200 rewards, helping Smart Pension scheme members to save over £400 a year on average, in discounts at major retailers.


Smart Pension is an award-winning platform



Andrew Harcourt

Pensions are a critical thing to get right for a business. Smart Pension have been informative, professional and very helpful while also being friendly and responsive. Additionally, their systems are very very easy to use through a simple intuitive GUI.

Jen Garratt

We have recently begun using Smart Pension for our workplace pension scheme. As new employers we have found the support from their help team to be fantastic with any question answered not only promptly, but also very clearly & kindly.