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For new UK companies looking to set up a pension scheme. Fulfil your auto enrolment obligations online.
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Why choose Smart Pension?

Fast set up

Set up your account within minutes using our online platform.

Stay compliant

Complete your auto enrolment duties quickly and easily online.

Payroll efficiency

Our platform has many benefits to help you run payroll each month, hassle-free.

Give your employee access to modern features

A digital platform

Our award-winning platform is designed to make it easy for members to access their account in real-time through the app or website.

Financial wellbeing for members

Meaningful financial support is provided for all members as it's important to us that our members feel comfortable with their money.

Smart Rewards for members

A free benefit for members – over 1,200 rewards, helping members to save up to £400 a year on average, in discounts, at major retailers.

Digital retirement

Access to an innovative retirement dashboard, Smart Retire, making it simple for users to manage their money in the lead up to and during retirement.

AI customer service agent, SAVA

Our fully interactive avatar, SAVA, who is capable of responding to human questions in real-time across all devices, has joined Smart Pension to provide customer service support 24/7, 365 days a year.

Bringing pensions together

Members can see all their retirement savings in one place, by adding all their different pensions to our retirement dashboard tool.



Half star

Smart Pension handles a transfer to a different provider with ease and professional attitude (2021)

The transition from another pension provider to Smart Pension has been seamless and my staff now get access to a huge range of extras that you just don't get with our previous provider. (2021)

Set up a new pension today

For new UK companies that need a pension scheme. Set up your auto enrolment scheme and fulfil your legal obligations online.

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