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Members can see all their retirement savings in one place, by adding all their different pensions to one retirement dashboard tool

There’s an estimated £19.4 billion in UK lost pensions out there*

Every time people change jobs, there’s the potential to lose track of their pension savings. That's why we make it easy for members to view all their pensions in one place, for free.

Members can start their pension treasure hunt today.

Pension treasure hunt
Smart Pension retirement dashboard tool

Search thousands of pension providers easily

Members can search even if they can’t remember who their previous pension provider was. Our tool automatically searches thousands of workplace pension providers across the UK then sends over the details by email.

To access our tool, members can sign into their Smart Pension account.

View all pensions in one place

A member's first step towards making informed decisions about their retirement is understanding what they have saved for retirement. Using our tool, members can see all their previous pensions in a dashboard showing how much they've saved with each provider. It allows them to keep track of all their pensions easily and in one place.

To get started, members can sign into their account.

Smart Pension retirement dashboard tool

Members can move pensions easily to Smart Pension

Members can use our online functionality to transfer previous pensions over to their Smart Pension account. We do all the hard work for them. Transferring online means there's no need for calls or letters to each pension provider.

Simple guidance

We educate members by providing easy to understand guides such as A guide to transferring your pension. We do this to give members confidence and comfort to make informed choices.

Smart Pension guide to transferring pension


Half star

Smart Pension handles a transfer to a different provider with ease and professional attitude (2021)

The transition from another pension provider to Smart Pension has been seamless and my staff now get access to a huge range of extras that you just don't get with our previous provider. (2021)

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