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Our investments help to grow our members’ pension savings whilst also tackling climate change

We deliver quality, innovative investment solutions

Truly impactful

We make sure our members' pension investments not only do no harm but also make a positive difference to society and our planet.

Innovative partnerships

We work with some of the industry’s best-known investment managers, who make sure that our members get the best possible returns on their pension investments.

Harnessing technology

Our internal technology capabilities are unique and allow us to develop investment solutions quickly, based on member needs.

We offer a range of funds and investment options

We offer choices for everyone. The “we do it for you” option, which has three risk-rated managed investment strategies, is most commonly used by our members.

Alternatively, there are up to 17 investment funds members can choose from – perfect if you'd rather manage their own pension savings and investment journey to retirement.

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Over 70% of our default growth fund is invested in a sustainable way

Most pension schemes have an aim to invest in sustainable funds in the future. We are already investing over 70% into companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials, and less in those who aren’t doing as well in these areas.

Over 90% of members are in our default investment strategy, which means the vast majority of our members have retirement savings that are already helping to create positive change in the world.

Our default growth fund will be net zero by 2040, without carbon offsetting. This is ten years earlier than 2050, which is when most pension providers are committing to be net zero. 

By 2025, we will have reduced the emissions from our default fund by 50%, and have already reduced the emissions of the fund by over 40% since 2019.

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We are focused on impact investing

Impact investing means investing into projects or businesses that benefit local communities, such as education, clinical research and renewable energy, as well as providing a strong potential financial return. We are committed to investing in impact funds, which will help make a real difference to the communities we live in.

We’ve opened up the benefits of investing in illiquids to our members

The solution, which is part of a longer-term strategy to develop and diversify the default growth fund, was launched in partnership with Natixis Investment Managers. It has the potential to provide higher returns and lower risk than many of the investments traditionally included within a pension scheme.

We are committed to investing sustainably 

  • We have partnered with Make My Money Matter to commit to net-zero and take action against climate change. Read more.

  • We are a supporter of the Climate Action 100+ investor initiative, which aims to make sure that the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action on climate change.

  • We’re committed to TCFD-aligned climate-related disclosures to improve the reporting of financial information around climate.

  • We are a member of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) for investor collaboration on climate change.

  • Our trustees are signatories to the UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), which encourage the investment industry to enhance returns and better manage risks whilst investing responsibly.

  • We are adopters of the Impact Investing Institute principles to make sure that our investments generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

  • We are members of the Pension for Purpose Investors Adoption Forum set up to encourage more pension funds to invest with a positive social and environmental impact.

Investment funds and downloads

Download fund factsheets and other investment-related documents and find out how our investment funds have performed.

Understanding pension saving volatility

Various events can cause investments to go up and down, including global pandemics, changes in government or central bank policies, war and crises, changes in the demand and supply of certain products, and much more. While we can’t control the impact of these changes on investments, we look to offer a range of investment options.

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