Scheme governance

Diligent. Independent. Conscientious.

Our independent trustees provide the assurance that:

Our pension scheme works hard for our members
We have robust systems and processes in place
Our trustees are independent – they work for you

The governance that companies need

The Smart Pension Master Trust is  authorised and supervised by The Pensions Regulator (TPR).

Every business that runs a pension scheme must take steps to reassure the members their savings are in good hands. At Smart Pension, we make sure that we have structures, tools and processes in place. These allow us to set strategic objectives and to be able to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way so that the scheme adheres to strict governance standards.

By choosing the Smart Pension Master Trust to handle their workplace pension schemes, employers can be confident of having expert governance in place.

Focused on members' savings for retirement

Our robust governance framework means we can achieve the best possible outcome for every scheme's members. All savings are held in the Smart Pension Master Trust, an investment vehicle that's 100% independent of our operations and our customers' finances.

Smart Governance Limited manages the scheme's day-to-day administration. A separate trustee company (EC2 Master Limited) manages the scheme itself in line with the trust's deed and rules.

It's EC2 Master's job to achieve the best possible outcome for all members and other beneficiaries at all times. EC2 Master is a subsidiary of Smart Pension Limited, but the directors of Smart Pension Limited aren't connected to that company. The directors of EC2 Master Limited are independent professional trustees and this independent board reassures everyone that:

  • we have robust, verified systems and processes in place
  • our scheme will keep members' pension savings properly protected
  • the scheme managers we choose are all fit and proper

A joined-up, tech-driven approach to pensions

For our customers and their advisers, this means complete confidence in the underlying technology and strategy that's managing members' retirement savings.

For members themselves, it means reassurance and support in the day-to-day aspects of having a pension that works hard for them, in their situation. That might take the form of faith-based or ethical fund choices, or simply the knowledge that real-time valuations are available night and day. We offer two broad investment options: we 'do it for you' or members can choose their own investment strategy.  


Commercially, we're geared to work in partnership. But fundamentally, we are member-led. Behind the scenes, we have behavioural specialists and digital experience experts exploring new ways to engage members and help them save more for their future.


We are sustainable investors. We invest for the long term. From a risk and return perspective, we have firm investment principles that let us achieve the right balance between environmental, social and governance factors (ESG).


We proactively and prudently manage all portfolio risks. Our default portfolio is allocated and managed by experts, with the explicit directive to achieve the Trustees' overarching aim of long term growth (UK CPI +3.50%).


Our approach to investment is holistic. Members will have access to multi-asset funds, as well as quantitative, qualitative, geographic and thematic interests in the portfolio. Having a choice is important, without being overwhelmed by too many options.

Cost and value

We are cost-conscious and value focused. Our transaction costs are managed throughout, from accumulation right through to projected drawdown. In the interim, members want tangible value for money, so we deliver surface benefits (like Smart Rewards), and a level of service that is flexible enough to reflect their needs.