A digital-first pension

We give members a pension in their pocket

Our powerful platform is designed specifically for workplace pensions

Our technology is purpose-built for the pension marketplace and digital-first, helping employers manage their pension admin easily. Additionally, members can easily manage their pension savings at any time with just the tap of a finger, using our app.

Smart Retire

Everyone’s financial needs will be different in retirement, and those needs can change as members move through their retirement journey. That's why we've created Smart Retire.

UX and innovation

Pensions are complex, which makes a good design process vital. We continually prototype, iterate and learn from user insights to deliver tools members need.

Companies can save time running payroll

Our cloud-native platform is built specifically for pensions and is designed to reduce the time employers need to spend managing their pension.
All major brands of payroll software integrate seamlessly with Smart Pension.

Value for money

Our digital-first technology brings huge efficiency, meaning that we can keep our charges low. Many companies switch to Smart Pension to reduce the pension charges they and their employees are paying. Contact us for bespoke charges for your company, or read more on our default charges.

Need some help?

You can speak to SAVA, contact us or visit the help centre