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Is it time to upgrade your employer pension?
Ask yourself three questions:


Do you know how much your employees are charged for their pension scheme?


Is your pension administration quick and easy to run each month?


Do your employees have access to the latest technology to manage their pension?

If you answered no to any of those, it may be time to review your pension scheme and see what Smart Pension can offer you.

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Why choose Smart Pension?

Tech and innovation

We favour technological solutions and invest heavily in user research making pensions easier for everyone.

Save time

We take care of governing
your pension so you can spend less time running it.


Many companies switch to Smart Pension to make their pension efficient  whilst remaining compliant.

Easy transfer process

Our experienced pension experts will manage the switch and you’ll have a dedicated point of contact.

Give your employee access to modern features

A digital platform

Our award-winning platform is designed to make it easy for members to access their account in real-time through the app or website.

Financial wellbeing for members

Meaningful financial support is provided for all members as it's important to us that our members feel comfortable with their money.

Smart Rewards for members

A free benefit for members – over 1,200 rewards, helping members to save up to £400 a year on average, in discounts, at major retailers.

Digital retirement

Access to an innovative retirement dashboard, Smart Retire, making it simple for users to manage their money in the lead up to and during retirement.

AI customer service agent, SAVA

Our fully interactive avatar, SAVA, who is capable of responding to human questions in real-time across all devices, has joined Smart Pension to provide customer service support 24/7, 365 days a year.

Bringing pensions together

Members can see all their retirement savings in one place, by adding all their different pensions to our retirement dashboard tool.

Frequently asked questions

I have a trust-based pension scheme - can I switch to Smart Pension?

Yes you can. Visit our Upgrade a trust-based pension scheme page for more information and how you can get in touch with us.

Usually, from our experience, companies switch to Smart Pension due to cost. After reviewing the costs of paying for their own trustees, governance, scheme administration and investment strategy, companies tend to conclude that moving to a master trust pension provider (like Smart Pension) is far more cost effective.

Simple economies of scale mean that if a smaller, trust-based pension scheme transfers to a larger pension scheme, the costs of running the scheme (including admin, investment and governance) are much less because they are shared amongst participating employers.

Can you tell me more about the Smart Pension Master Trust?

Smart Pension is an award-winning pension platform and the Smart Pension Master Trust is authorised and supervised by The Pensions Regulator (TPR). Our master trust scheme helps hundreds of thousands of members and has underlying funds in Barclays, J.P. Morgan, HSBC UK, Natixis and Legal & General.

How is the Smart Pension Master Trust governed?

We have an independent board of trustees who make sure our pension scheme follows pension legislation and act in members' best interests at all times. Our board has extensive experience in the pension industry. Andy Cheseldine chairs our board and has been named as one of the top 25 most influential investment consultants in the past five years - a testament to his reputation. Andy has over 35 years of experience in consulting on defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) pension schemes. Meet our trustees here.

Where can I read more about your investment performance?

See our latest investment report which summarises the most recent performance for all our funds. It shows you how they have been performing over the past three months and up to the last five years.

I have a Teachers Pension Scheme, can I move to Smart Pension?

Yes. To find out more, including how to contact us, visit our pension for independent schools page.

I work in the maritime industry, can you offer my company a pension?

Yes we can. To find out more, including how to contact us, visit our A modern pension for the maritime industry.

Companies who recommend Smart Pension


Barclays recommend Smart Pension to their small business customers. The bank’s UK wide network of 1,100 business relationship managers introduce their business banking clients to Smart Pension via the Barclays website, where they will be able to follow a link to sign up, within a matter of minutes.

Bytes Digital Limited

My staff all use the Smart Pension app and are fully onboard with the added benefits like Smart Rewards. Choosing Smart Pension has given my staff confidence with their retirement savings.

Whippet Coaches

We secured a lower price for our
members by switching to Smart Pension which was a great start. We also were very happy with our fund range offered by Smart Pension especially with the ESG focus and focussing on investing in the right companies to help tackle net zero.



Half star

Smart Pension handles a transfer to a different provider with ease and professional attitude (2021)

The transition from another pension provider to Smart Pension has been seamless and my staff now get access to a huge range of extras that you just don't get with our previous provider. (2021)

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