Smart Hallmarks

We offer stand-out customer service

Our service ethos is based on five hallmarks

We recognise, empathise and anticipate the needs of our customers to help them be better with money, so they can both live and retire well.

1. Straightforward

Hallmark number one is being straightforward.
We pride ourselves on offering more than a pension service. This means being human in our approach, seeking to understand our customers and where they are coming from.

2. Mindful

Hallmark number two is being mindful.
We are empathetic and we care. That’s why we always aim to build relationships with everyone we speak to.

3. Attentive

Hallmark number three is being attentive.
We’ll always be attentive to our customers’ needs. To do that, we need to fully understand our customers' concerns and what they’d like to achieve

4. Relevant

Hallmark number four is relevant.
Being relevant is an integral part of the customer experience. It’s all about anticipating and responding to our customers’ changing needs and expectations.

5. Together

Hallmark number five is together, making sure we support each other. We generate ideas together. We provide the best possible outcomes for the people who depend on us.

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