Middleware partners

Facilitating seamless communication and secure data transfer

Easy one-click submissions

Convenient. Efficient. Secure

Our software is compatible with many payroll providers, some of whom integrate directly with us. This makes one-click submissions easy through the Smart Pension API, or through one of our middleware partners. The middleware software will integrate your payroll with Smart Pension onto one convenient platform, enabling the secure and efficient flow of seamless communication and data transfer.

Employment Hero PensionSync

Pensions management made easy

The transfer of your pension data, from payroll, into the Smart Pension platform can now be automated through Employment Hero PensionSync’s integration with Smart Pension’s API. The Employment Hero PensionSync platform will not only enable you to automate enrolments, contributions and payment approvals but also allow you to manage all pension submissions in one convenient place, allowing you to streamline your entire pension process. If you're already using a Employment Hero PensionSync enabled payroll package, you can pass data directly to Smart Pension today regardless of whether you are an auto enrolment customer or a Workplace customer.

Find out more about the payroll software currently supported by Employment Hero PensionSync.


The future of auto enrolment technology

The AEclipse software integration with Smart Pension automates your auto enrolment, allowing you to upload files quickly, securely and economically. Data for all your clients can be sent across in seconds through AEclipse’s efficiently designed bulk upload facility, and can be done through one single log-in rather than having to manage multiple accounts. All file types are accepted and delivered to Smart Pension’s auto enrolment and Workplace platforms in a compatible format regardless of the payroll software used.

Learn more about the middleware solution from AEclipse.


 The auto enrolment middleware that works seamlessly with any payroll system

aeExchange’s middleware platform will work seamlessly with any payroll system and connect it directly to Smart Pension’s platforms - auto enrolment and Workplace . The independent, cloud-based solution, designed for auto enrolment workplace pensions, can be used for assessments, comms letters, pension calculations, generating payroll deduction files or just for submitting your auto enrolment contribution data conveniently and securely through one log-in.

Find out more about aeEchange's middleware platform.