Retirement savings are powerful — if invested wisely, they can grow as well as help with major global issues

Use your pension to help tackle the climate crisis

Did you know that a green pension can cut carbon 21x more than giving up flying, going vegetarian and switching energy provider (source: Make My Money Matter)?

Hear from ten savers as they discover just how powerful their pension is and how surprised they are to learn where their pension savings are invested.

Our pension is sustainable

1. Over 70% of our default growth fund is invested in a sustainable way

Most pension schemes have an aim to invest in sustainable funds in the future. At Smart Pension, it’s something that we’re already doing. 

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2. We will reduce the carbon emissions of our default growth fund by at least 50% by 2030

We are targeting a net-zero emissions portfolio before 2050 in order to support the Paris Agreement that aims to tackle climate change.

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3. Our investment approach helps local communities

We aim to get strong investment returns for our members.  At the same time, though, we also invest to make a difference at a local level, through things like social housing and renewable energy.

4. One of the first carbon-zero office buildings in central London

We moved into new offices, known as ‘The Smart Building’, in 2022. They are operationally carbon-zero, powered entirely by electricity from renewable sources.

Learn about sustainable investing

Learn how saving for retirement can help tackle climate change. Discover what ESG is and more.

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We offer a range of investment choices for everyone. We aim to deliver strong returns for our members whilst also tackling climate change and making a positive difference to society and our planet.

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