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Barclays, global bank

Barclays recommend Smart Pension to their small business customers. The bank’s UK wide network of 1,100 business relationship managers introduce their business banking clients to Smart Pension via the Barclays website, where they will be able to follow a link to sign up, within a matter of minutes. We also have the privilege of calling Barclays our partner through the strategic investment made.

Hannah Bernard, Head of Barclays Business Banking, said: “For many busy small business owners, getting to grips with pensions can seem daunting, particularly when they’re juggling a long list of competing business priorities. We hope this partnership with Smart Pension will save many of our customers’ time, and take the stress out of the process. Offering a great pension scheme can help attract and retain talent, and support the growth of your business.”

Bytes Digital Limited, technology company

Reason for switching pension provider: As a supplier of technology, we wanted a pension scheme that was aligned with our technological focus.

How was the transfer process? Smart Pension assisted with the move from our old scheme with a seamless implementation and transfer exercise.

Result: My staff all use the Smart Pension app and are fully onboard with the added benefits like Smart Rewards. Choosing Smart Pension has given my staff confidence with their retirement savings.

The Seacourt Bridge Pub, hospitality venue

Reason for switching pension provider: We chose our previous pension provider to make sure we were complying with auto enrolment legislation. However, we wanted to see if we could find a pension that was better for our members and one that offered additional benefits.

How was the transfer process? Nice and easy. We were moved within a month thanks to a great member of staff at Smart Pension holding our hand.

Result: Our members have access to much more than before such as Smart Rewards and the financial wellbeing hub. The technology has been great and especially popular with our younger members of staff - the app website, the google home and Amazon Alexa compatibility. And Smart Pension has been great at saving us time each month, it’s really easy using Quickbooks.

Whippet Coaches, bus and coach operator

Reason for switching pension provider: We were not entirely happy with the service provided by our existing pension provider and we were looking at how we could improve the way our staff's savings were invested. Plus the cost of running the pension scheme was a consideration for us.

How was the transfer process? Simple, the team said Thank you so much to all at Smart who have professionally supported us through this move from start to finish.

Result: We secured a lower price for our members by switching to Smart Pension which was a great start. We also were very happy with our fund range offered by Smart Pension especially with the ESG focus and focussing on investing in the right companies to help tackle net zero.

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