Welcome to the Smart Pension Master Trust

Your Leonardo Pension Plan

About the Smart Pension Master Trust

The Smart Pension Master Trust is a multi-employer pension scheme run by independent trustees. This is similar to your current Leonardo account, but it serves more than one employer, rather than just Leonardo.

If you choose Smart Pension, we will set up a new member account for you which mirrors the investment options available under your current Leonardo account.

Your new online Smart Pension account will provide you with a number of new features and benefits, including:

  • a pension finder tool – use our pensions consolidation tool to find previous/lost pension pots and bring them together
  • the Smart Pension app – download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play store to track your pension savings wherever you go
  • Smart Rewards (get discounts on everyday purchases, including shopping)
  • access to Smart Retire, our revolutionary new product – see below for further details and the eligibility criteria

As a fintech company, we’re always developing our portfolio. As a member you’ll benefit from any new developments.

  • As your pension account has now been moved into Smart Pension and you’re not actively contributing, your employer will not pay any future contributions.
  • However, you are able to top up your pension by transferring in any old pension savings. Just sign into your Smart Pension account and use our online tool to bring your pensions together.

Your retirement options – are you 55 or older?

Within Smart Pension, you have a number of options for taking your benefits when you reach retirement. For members who are age 55 or over, please check out our retirement options guide.

When you come to retirement you can use our revolutionary new product, Smart Retire

Smart Retire is a flexible, cost-effective way to combine different options to provide an income in retirement. Once you are a member of Smart Pension and have reached the minimum retirement age of 55 with a minimum pot of £20,000 you will have access to the Smart Retire product. It allows you to:

  • ease into retirement by taking a flexible monthly income that you can adjust to meet your personal income needs
  • keep some money invested to grow for later in retirement, for example, to buy an annuity that provides a guaranteed income*
  • withdraw cash lump sums whenever you need to pay for planned expenses, like home improvements or a holiday

*Please note that Smart Pension does not provide annuities and you will need to secure this with a different provider. Further information can be found here and in the communications that Smart Pension will send you.

Click here to view a demo of the Smart Retire Modeller. Once you’re eligible for Smart Retire, a similar version will be available to you. This will soon also  be available  to non-members. For further information about Smart Retire, click here.

When you join Smart Pension

There are a number of things to look out for and get up to speed with if you choose to join Smart Pension.

  • You’ll receive an activation email to set up your new Smart Pension account.
  • Shortly after this, you will receive your welcome letter which you will find in the Letters section of your account.

Helping you get started

We’ve created some helpful videos to guide you through setting up your account and keeping it up to date.

1. Signing into your account for the first time

3. Managing your investments
2. Updating your details

4. Your simplified pension statement

(You’ll receive one of these every year)

We can help you find lost pension pots

There’s an estimated £19.4 billion in lost pension pots out there*.

To track down your pensions, sign in to your Smart Pension account and select Get started on the section labelled Bring your pensions together. Please read our transfer guide and this page before deciding to move your pension savings over to us.

Understanding the basics

We know pensions can be a bit daunting. That's why we've created a number of pension basics videos to help educate you on how pension saving works.

1. How compound interest works
2. How much should I save into a pension?

An investment guide which mirrors your Schroders funds will be available on your Smart Pension account once you have been onboarded.

Contact us

Get in touch with us if you have any questions by calling us on 0333 666 2626 or using our online contact form.