Green and lean

Save pounds and the planet

Sustainable spending and sustainable (money) saving – you might think that it must be impossible to achieve both. Acting in a more environmentally-friendly way will come at a cost, right? 

Actually, it can help both your purse and the planet.

Buying and selling old items 

With trends and fashion always coming back around, unloved items can be cherished again. It’s never been easier or more accessible to buy and sell old pieces online, with a number of apps available, so it's a great time to have a clear-out. Whether it’s clothes, a bike, jewellery or furniture, the second-hand market in the UK is now worth over £2 billion You might be surprised how much you could get!

Meat-free meals

You might be familiar with ‘Veganuary’ or ‘Meat-free Mondays’. Eating more fruit and vegetables not only improves our health but can also improve finances and futureproof the next generation. 

Skip single-use products

Replacing your throw-away items with sustainable and reusable products can be a great way of cutting down your waste and spending. As examples:

  • Paper towels – sponges and rags will clean up multiple spills.
  • Facial wipes – a washcloth will keep your face just as clean as throwaway wipes will.
  • Paper napkins – cloth products can be used over and over again, and when they wear out, they can be transformed into your cleaning rags.
  • Coffee cups – Bring your own mug to your barista, and skip both the cardboard cup and the plastic lid. Many coffee shops will also give you a discount for doing so.


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