Connect to our API

Our application programming interface (API) makes it easy to build custom applications to manage your workplace pension schemes

Streamline payroll –
send employee and contributions data in a click of a button

Fully documented –including example code so developers can build with confidence

One-to-one support –
speak to our consultants to get the job done quicker

Build with our API

Anything that can be done on our customer facing platforms can be done using our API. With our API you can:

  • create company details and pension scheme set up
  • create advisers, used for firms managing many schemes
  • set up new employees or update existing employee details
  • submit pre-calculated pension contributions, or contributions to be assessed
  • update existing and unpaid contributions
  • get employee membership / opt out states
  • postpone individual employees
  • send assessment and other statutory letters
  • send batch requests for multiple payrolls or creating multiple schemes
See a full list of our API services

Connect to the Smart Pension API

We provide three types of integration to support your business’s needs.

Light – use our API to manage employee records, contributions and assessment data.

Medium – everything light integration offers, plus retrieve opt outs/opt ins and percentage increases

Full – have complete control over the creation of schemes and members, as well as submitting pension contributions.

Any questions about integration with our API, just get in touch.

See our implementation guides

Developer Hub

You’ll find comprehensive guides, documentation and discussion forums in our developer hub. We’ll also keep you updated about new features and changelogs through our newsletter.

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What it costs

There’s no charge to connect to our API. However, you need to support your own development costs when integrating with our API.