Do I need to save into a pension?

Think of it another way, can you afford to live on £221.20 per week?

£221.20 per week or £111,502.40 a year is equivalent to the full basic state pension you'll receive when you retire, assuming you have made at least 35 years' worth of National Insurance contributions.

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A pension is a long-term savings plan with tax advantages. The primary purpose of a pension is to provide you with an income on top of your state pension when you have retired from working.

If you are currently working you will have access to a workplace pension arrangement. This is a valuable employee benefit because for every payment you make into your workplace pension scheme, your employer will also make a contribution.

Tax advantages:

  • You will also receive tax relief on your pension contributions.
  • Your pension savings will benefit from tax-efficient growth on the underlying investments.
  • At retirement you will have the option of taking a tax-free lump sum of 25% of the value of your pension fund. This option is available from the age of 55* even if you are still working.
  • Protected tax-free cash – some schemes have a tax free lump sum greater than 25%. It’s important to check you tax free allowance with your scheme provider before you access your pension benefits or if you are considering a transfer to another provider. Failure to check could mean you lose your rights to a tax free lump sum greater than 25%.
  • If you die before the age of 75, your pension can be passed tax-free to your beneficiaries. For this to happen you must complete your Expression of Wish form.

*(changing to age 57 from 6 April 2028)

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