Save on round ups

Easy habits to start

Rounding-up on your spending, also known as ‘save as you spend’, is a simple yet effective way to put money aside without having to make significant changes to your spending habits.

The basic concept behind this technique is that you round your purchases up to the nearest pound when paying with a debit card, and then save the difference to a dedicated, separate account. For example, if you’re spending £2.50 on a coffee, you roll this up to £3 and your bank puts the extra 50p into your savings account.

Some of the biggest benefits of doing this are that it’s easy to do, it requires no effort, it helps you practise good saving habits and you can see the results immediately. Since the individual amounts being saved are small, you’re less likely to feel any financial strain.

It can help to have a saving goal in mind so that you can keep a track of your progress, stay motivated and not be tempted to dig into your pot. Whether you are saving to build up an emergency fund or working towards a specific savings goal, rounding up your purchases can be a great way to get there.

To make your hard work go even further, make sure that the money you save goes into a bank account that pays a competitive rate of interest. This will enable your savings to grow even more quickly.


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