Transport costs

Bringing down the A to B

For most of us, putting petrol or diesel into the car is a necessary evil. We can all think of things we’d rather spend our money on, but without buying fuel for the car it can be impossible to get to work, do the school run and look after our families and loved ones. However, there are certain changes you can make which can help your tank stay fuller for longer.

Use price comparison apps or sites

Not all petrol pumps have the same prices and it may well be cheaper to use an alternative fuelling station rather than simply choosing the nearest option. Typically, supermarkets tend to have the lowest price per litre, and even a few pence off can make a huge difference over the course of a year.

Plan your trips better

Planning ahead to make sure that you take the shortest route to your destination can help optimise your fuel consumption – an obvious one. However, have you thought about combining all your daily errands in one go? A cold engine uses more energy than a warm one, so ticking off all your chores in one trip is much more efficient.

Have you considered walking or cycling?

Especially as we are moving into the spring and summer months, think about ditching the car and walking or cycling instead. Doing so will improve your health and reduce not only your fuel costs but also your carbon footprint.


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