How much money will I need in retirement?

How to work out how much money you’re likely to need when you retire.

Retirement needs calculator

One of the first steps in working out how much you’ll need to save into your pension is to calculate how much money you’re likely to need in retirement.

The income you may need will depend on the lifestyle you would like to have when you begin to take your retirement income. Answer three quick questions to get an idea of the income you will need for the lifestyle you would like.

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    About you

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    Living standards

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    Income required

Who will you be living with?

Living with a partner can work out a lot less per person than living alone. The costs used in this calculator reflect that, so think about what your situation might be when you come to retire, and choose one of the options below.

Where will you live?

Living costs in London are considerably higher than the rest of the UK and you should plan for that. Choose from the options where you think you will live.

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