Additional payroll solutions

Providing another way to streamline your payroll uploads

Employment Hero PensionSync Flexible File Upload

If your payroll software doesn’t have a direct link to Employment Hero PensionSync, don’t worry. You can drag and drop your pension data files directly into Employment Hero PensionSync – processing all your clients’ pension submissions in seconds. 

You don’t need to spend your time fiddling with the reports you get from payroll, risking messing up the data, to make it work on multiple pension providers’ websites. And you get all the great features of Employment Hero PensionSync, including automatic error corrections, automatic payment approval and our comprehensive schemes dashboard and reporting suite. 

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The future of auto enrolment technology

The AEclipse software integration with Smart Pension automates your auto enrolment, allowing you to upload files quickly, securely and economically. Data for all your clients can be sent across in seconds through AEclipse’s efficiently designed bulk-upload facility, and can be done through one single log-in rather than having to manage multiple accounts. All file types are accepted and delivered to Smart Pension’s auto enrolment and workplace platforms in a compatible format, regardless of the payroll software used.

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