Where we started

We made a pledge back in 2021 to get our investments to net zero ahead of 2050 and make significant progress before 2030.

We spent time planning

We spent a lot of time thinking about how to get to net zero in a responsible way, without cutting corners. Our focus is on long-term sustainability rather than quick fixes.

Net Zero by 2040

Our default growth fund will be net zero by 2040, without carbon offsetting. This is ten years earlier than 2050, which is when most pension providers are committing to be net zero. By 2025, we will have reduced the emissions from our default fund by 50%, and have already reduced the emissions of the fund by over 40% since 2019.

Investing in renewable energy

We will be investing in companies transitioning from oil, gas and other fossil fuels into more renewable energy. We’re also investing in companies that are improving energy efficiency and creating green buildings.

Investing in education and health 

We will be investing in companies that are actively working to improve education and health such as clinical research and pharmaceuticals. 

Investing in innovation for good

We will invest in companies that are innovating to create sustainable agriculture and forestry and focused on stopping ecosystem collapse.

Investing in recycling and reusing materials

We will invest in companies that recycle huge volumes of waste each year and re-use our precious water supply.

New sustainable funds

Our default growth fund is used by over 90% of our members. We will soon be giving members an increased choice, based on their own personal beliefs around how sustainable they want their pension to be. These new options will range from investing responsibly by mitigating risks, right up to using pension savings to actively invest in projects making a positive difference to the world around us.