The effects of climate change are all around us

Climate disasters like flooding and drought are threatening lives around the world. It’s more important than ever that we take action. At Smart Pension, we can do this through investing in companies committed to simple changes that make a big difference. These changes include lowering carbon emissions, reducing harmful waste and improving sustainability processes.

Some examples of how we invest in the transition to a lower carbon economy

Food and drink industry – this may mean the J.P. Morgan Carbon Transition Fund investing more in companies which are reducing their use of water, plastic or harmful chemicals.

Energy industry – the J.P. Morgan Carbon Transition Fund may invest more into companies investing in greener, more renewable forms of energy, rather than traditional fossil fuels. 

Automotive industry – the J.P. Morgan Carbon Transition Fund may invest more in companies investing in electric vehicles, while investing less in those who aren’t transitioning away from petrol or diesel.

Why we partner with J.P. Morgan Asset Management

“At Smart Pension we are focused on achieving great outcomes for our members. We want to help them secure not just long-term financial growth but also a safer, healthier world in which they can retire. This is why we are allocating some of our default growth fund to the J.P. Morgan Carbon Transition Fund. This will enable us to build on the great work we've already done to reduce our fund's emissions, as we double down on our commitment for the fund to be net zero by 2040."

Paul Bucksey, Chief Investment Officer – Smart Pension 

“We’re delighted to partner with Smart Pension to help members be part of the transition to a low carbon world. Based on our own research, the J.P. Morgan Carbon Transition Fund provides a core, well-diversified exposure to equity markets, whilst also achieving a lower carbon footprint and leaning into companies that are innovating for the future. We hope this helps align DC members’ investments with their sustainable goals and therefore to stay invested for the long-term.”

Katie Magee, Investment Specialist – J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Net Zero by 2040, and we’ve already reduced our emissions by 50%

Our default growth fund will be net zero by 2040. This is ten years earlier than 2050, which is when most pension providers are committing to be net zero.