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This page is for all employers with Crystal who are merging into Smart Pension

Introducing Smart Pension

After an in-depth due diligence process, the Crystal Trust has decided to merge Crystal into the award-winning Smart Pension Master Trust. This will mean you and your employees still have access to a high-quality pension scheme with excellent value plus amazing new membership benefits.

Hear from Nikki Moss, Head of Implementation & Relationship Management at Smart Pension and Jessica Rigby, Director of Strategy at Evolve, about how Smart Pension is run for the benefit of both employers and their employees. 

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A like-minded partner, adding value for
your employees

Smart Pension app

Your employees will be able to keep track of their pension savings wherever they go and whenever they like. They can change their investments, check their beneficiaries and more.

Smart Rewards

Your employees will have access to Smart Rewards, a free benefit with over 1,200 rewards, helping them to save an average of £400* a year in discounts at major retailers across the UK.

Financial wellbeing

Your employees can access meaningful financial support about their finances, not just their pension. Our hub is full of money saving tips, tools and techniques, plus they can access financial guidance through Octopus Money.

Annual member webinars

Each year we run a webinar focused on helping our members get the most from their savings, including how we’re managing and investing their pension savings.

Smart speaker integration

You can ask Alexa or Google Home how much your pension is worth, or how to increase your contributions.

AI customer service agent, SAVA 

Our virtual assistant avatar, SAVA, is capable of responding to your employees’ pensions questions in real-time across all devices, providing customer support 24/7, 365 days a year.

*Source: Smart Pension / Office of National Statistics.

Sustainable investment options

Tackling climate change is very important to us. That’s why we’ve set a target for the fund most of our members are invested in to be net zero by 2040, and since 2019 we’ve already halved the fund’s emissions.

Find out more about sustainable investing.

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What happens next?

We’re working together to keep you informed, so over the coming weeks and months you’ll continue to receive communications from both Crystal and Smart Pension.

Frequently asked questions

Why is this change happening?

The sponsor to Crystal, Evolve, has been bought by Smart Pension with a view to transferring Crystal’s members to the Smart Pension Master Trust. The Crystal Trustee has undertaken an in depth due diligence exercise and agrees this is a positive move with an opportunity for greater value for money and access to state of the art member tools, financial wellbeing support and member rewards.

What communications have been sent so far?

The sponsor to Crystal, Evolve, has sent the following communication(s):

Do I need to tell my employees about this transfer? 

The Crystal Trustee will be contacting members in the next few days as The Pensions Regulator has now reviewed and approved details of the implementation plan. We’ll ensure members are reassured about the process, how to find out more information and if they need to take any specific action. You don’t need to formally notify your employees but please share this information if you feel this is appropriate.

How will my employees’ pension savings be protected during the transfer?

An extensive and robust plan is now in place which will be monitored by the Crystal Trustee and overseen by The Pensions Regulator. The Pensions Regulator has approved this implementation plan, and you can access a copy here.

Do I need to continue to pay pension contributions to Crystal?

Yes, to continue to fulfil your auto enrolment duties it’s your responsibility to pay your contributions to Crystal as instructed on your payment schedule until you’re instructed to make the payment to Smart Pension. The payment date for paying contributions to Smart Pension will be confirmed during the registration process later this year. We’ll provide updates over the coming months.

What happens if I have new employees, can they still join the pension scheme?

Yes, please continue to assess and enrol your eligible employees into Crystal as usual. More information about enrolling new employees into Smart Pension will be provided in future communications.

I have been talking to Evolve about the new employer portal, evoPlus, should I still proceed?

Yes, please ensure you complete your move to evoPlus. The Smart Pension employer account uses the same type of file format as evoPlus, PAPDIS (Pensions and Payroll Data Interface Standard). By making the change now, the transfer to using the Smart Pension employer account will be much easier.

Will I be charged anything for moving to Smart Pension?

There will be no charge for transferring your pension provider to Smart Pension.

Once I have joined Smart Pension, will there be any ongoing charges?

There will be no ongoing charges when you transfer to Smart Pension. Please note Smart Pension do review all Employer charges on an annual basis. If you are an Employer based overseas your current charges will continue and will also be reviewed on an annual basis.

Smart Pension’s preferred method of contribution collection is by direct debit, which ensures a streamlined and cost-effective service. We will ensure you are fully supported in setting up your direct debit. Other methods of contribution collection are available but may incur a cost.

I have an agreement with OPTESS and use the ROOT system to submit my payroll files. How does the transfer to Smart Pension affect me?

There will be no immediate change to the process, please continue to submit your schedule through ROOT and pay your contributions to Crystal as instructed on your payment schedule. We’ll provide updates over the coming months.

Optess will continue to provide their usual support during the coming months, so please contact employersupport@optess.co.uk if you require assistance. Optess will also be available to provide support during and following the transition to the Smart Pension employer account. More details will be provided in future communications.

By transferring to Smart Pension, you’ll be invited to sign up and register for the Smart Pension employer account. There is no additional cost to you for using the employer account and you’ll be provided with guidance and support through the registration process and the submission of your first payroll files.

Smart Pension can also provide support with the assessment of your employees to make sure that they are correctly enrolled into the pension scheme.

More information about the Smart Pension employer account and assessment services will be provided in future communications.

If I decide not to transfer to Smart Pension, when do I have to notify Evolve and how do I do this?

If you don’t wish to sign up to Smart Pension, you'll need to review your workplace pension options and choose an alternative. If you decide to sign up to a different workplace scheme, please let us know either via email clientservices@evolvepensions.co.uk or call 01322 640530 and select option 3 so we can ensure we can support you to achieve this. You must notify us in writing by 8th December 2023 that you have selected an alternative authorised master trust and have explained this decision to your employees.

To help inform your decision you can choose to take independent advice or guidance, more information is available here.

You have a statutory duty to provide a workplace pension for your employees, so you’ll need to either transfer to Smart Pension or select another workplace pension provider. In the meantime, please ensure your contribution payments to Crystal are up to date.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the process you can contact Evolve Pensions on 01322 640530 (option 3) or by emailing clientservices@evolvepensions.co.uk.

If you have any questions about Smart Pension or how your new Smart Pension employer account will work, please use our contact us form.